Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Changes

What a difference a month makes!

A month ago, I wasn't walking; now, for very limited periods, I can. Also, the only thing my leg needs now is strength, so different from a month ago when every movement hurt. Big, big change!

In February, Owen had a lot more teeth than he does now:

As he's gotten more vampire-y looking, he's also developed a thirst (d'oh! cringe) for tales of that mysterious rabbit, Bunnicula. Coincidence?

In February, we had no new seedlings. And now:

Those nasturtiums, closest of the seedlings to the window and to the camera, have doubled in size since I took this picture yesterday.

And the Monster Spray has been repurposed, now hydrating our plants while keeping the house monster-free:

But some things never change. As ever, Luke loves paper airplanes, and this mild winter has presented lots of opportunities for flying them.

Here's to a spring with all positive changes. Fingers crossed!