Monday, March 9, 2009

On the Virtual Field Trip

Finally, the big day arrives!

Good morning, and welcome to the Virtual Field Trip! Please make sure that you are sitting comfortably:

From winter 08 09

Also, have your passport ready for better service.

From winter 08 09

Previously, the bus was driven by expert driver Owen:

From winter 08 09

...but today he has graciously ceded this post to two very competent professionals, Dog and Panda.

From winter 08 09

Now, sit back, grab some cushions, blankets and a snack, and let's hit the road!

From winter 08 09

Virtual Field Trip at

What a wonderful, wonderful trip! From the moment we heard the Magic School Bus theme song, we were hooked - and then, when Luke found out about the passport links he was jumping for joy. Anything 'official' like that really brings him in, and as Luke is a duel citizen of Canada and the US, he had a choice of official passports, so he was just over the moon.

Owen, still only 4 and not really inclined to sit in any one place for too long, enjoyed the whole passport-creation event, and some of the postings, but Luke and I sat, captivated, in the bus for more than an hour, and still only got into Utah - giving us the rest of the posts to visit later this week!

Some of Luke's favorites were Goblin Valley, the Pirate Adventure, and the Lincoln Log Cabin, especially for the 'build-a-log-cabin' game. I enjoyed the Lincoln Log Cabin too, and also Mt. Vernon in Virginia, and so many other places...

Best of all, now that the kiddos are asleep I can go back in and check out the whole trip again!

Jena, thank you so much for this. It is a true gift, from a talented blogger.


Jena said...

I am loving this!! Worth every minute of it. So glad you all liked it. Your kids are precious.

Jena said...

My favorite picture is Luke with his passport. It took me awhile to find that thing. My kids loved stuff like that, so I wanted to find one that looked as official as possible. :) Has he added his picture yet?

The Stone Age Techie said...

Oh yes, the picture, he's filled out the whole form - that was all before we went to even one post - and he wrote down every place we visited in the passport today, so that we remember when we download the flags.
How do you get a kid to write?... let him write about something he loves.
Can't thank you enough for this, Jena!!!!
PS Tonight, now that they're in bed, I have been visiting some of the posts I missed today. This is really a great group of field trips! I loved your slide show of India, that is a place I would really like to visit one day.

Gayle said...

Thanks for traveling with us to Egypt. I love your hand-built school bus! What a creative project to go along with the virtual field trips. I can tell your boys are loving it!

The Stone Age Techie said...

Gayle, thank you for reading! I think the bus will become a major feature in our family room for the long haul, taking us on many virtual field trips to come :-)