Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Year in the Life

Incredibly, I am thirty-eight years old today. Part of me cannot even hear the number without cringing ("ewww, that's so old"!), but another, fortunately bigger part of me wouldn't trade this age for any other. My outlook, my perspective, my lifestyle feels just about perfect right now. And, as my Dad says: getting old sure beats the alternative!

Probably the main reason I'm so contented is homeschooling; because we do this, our kids are happy, healthy, and thriving - and I get to watch their growth and development happen.

Also, homeschooling led me to blogging (isn't that funny? I would never have had time to blog with two kids in school, I'd be too busy being the Enforcer :-), and blogging has been SUCH a great outlet and place of connection.

For my birthday, I decided to post some pictures from the last year. It's been such a good one, there's lots worth remembering!

From The Stone Age Techie

The curve of Owen's cheek - that is why I love this picture. That and his determination to feed the birds at his Grandma's Colorado home!

From Oregon for blog

Luke, the proud Oregon fisherman.

From Oregon for blog

My husband's whole family, on that same visit to Oregon.

From Summer 2008

One of Luke's first jumps off the side of the pool - doesn't this picture just say "ahhhhh"?

From Fall Blog

My favorite stuffed animal from childhood is now Owen's.

From The Stone Age Techie

I took this picture on a field trip last May, and it represents Spring in a way that not much else does.

Thanks for sharing in my birthday! Here's hoping the coming year will be a good one - for all of us, and for you, too.


Susan said...

38 is hard--you are one of the oldest young people you know--39, even worse. But then comes 40 and, as a friend told me at my birthday, you are the youngest middle aged person around. I just found your blog and am enjoying reading about your homeschooling adventures.

Jena said...

Happy Birthday, my friend! I am so glad you were born. :) And I'm glad you decided to blog. I love your pictures. Thank you for sharing them (and your life) with us.

gina said...

This year I turned 35 and it was the first year my birthday was hard for me. Something about not being able to say "I'm in my early thirties" anymore. Oh well. Better to get back to making the year worth living than moping. Happy Birthday and here's to another year filled with family, fun, and memories!!!!

Cathy said...

I always warn new moms that not only will they learn lots of fun things about their kids when they pull their kids out of school, but they will also learn lots about themselves. Homeschooling really allows us time to find our inner self. Isn't it great?

Happy birthday and thanks for sharing your homeschooling life with all of us. It is a pleasure to read your blog.

sgaissert said...

Happy, happy birthday! I hope that you will think of yourself as young! Life only gets better -- especially the way you've chosen to live it.

Dana @ Our Sunny Side said...

Happy Belated Birthday Karen! I share your sentiments AND your birthday month...I just turned 41. This one has definitely hurt the most!

I'm glad you are blogging and that our paths have crossed. It's been fun getting to know you and your family.

The Stone Age Techie said...

Wow, as I opened the comments link I was eating Nutella straight from the jar - the ONE time of year when I feel justified, it is my absolute favorite treat - and now I'm tearing up, so happy and humbled that you all are in my life. I can now say firsthand that straight-from-the-jar foods are hard to eat while crying :-)

It has been such fun getting to know you all, too, and I'm sooo glad to be on this adventure with you!

Thanks -

topsytechie said...

Bummer...I'm a little late, but my well wishes are every bit as genuine...I swear! Hope your day was terrific, and thanks for sharing the lovely pics!

The Stone Age Techie said...

Oh Topsy, you're not late - I've still got plenty of Nutella left in the jar :-)

Mister Dad said...

I'm super-glad you were born, too! Great pics! Glad you pic'd them!

Happy Birthday LITTLE sister. I think I'm turning 42 or 43 this year. Not taking time to think it through, as it doesn't matter much. I always tell my kids how I'm not leaving 'til 96/97; so...

PS- Nutella! It's on my list right under God and tied with family. sorry, wife and kiddos... Blessings

The Stone Age Techie said...

Thanks, Mister Dad - I'm the oldest of my siblings, it's kinda nice to be the Little Sister!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there's no Nutella left (although its very possible you may have bought two jars!) but a belated happy birthday anyway! I hit the big 4-0 this year and completely understand your feelings. I'm more settled and happy though than every before, and very comfortable in this ageing skin of mine. :-)

Love that cheek photo - my youngest has a very similar squeezable face.

Cath in Aust.