Monday, June 15, 2009

In the Chicken Palace

From Spring 09

Well, there it is! Truly armor-plated, sprouting locks from every possible vantage, it is a feat of Ben-gineering.

Want to see some pics of the girls?

From Spring 09

This is Saphira, always ready for her close-up.

From Spring 09

And here, on the left, we have Duchess (because of the golden ruff around her neck), Andy in the front center (yes, Owen named her after the boy from Toy Story), Hermione in the back, and Pippi, the leader of the pack, on the right.

From Spring 09

I just love the perch that Ben made them, and they do too:

From Spring 09

Not only does it provide them a place to sleep and hang in their cozy hen-house, when the windows are open (which is most of the time) they have a great view of the world.

From Spring 09

Tomorrow, once they have had four days to learn that the hen-house is their 'real' home, and they head back there each night, we can let them out into the bigger coop area. Judging by their attempts to jump out of the hen-house when we open the big door to give them food and water, they are really excited to explore their new home!


Firefly mom said...

Is Saphira named after the dragon from Eragon? That's one of my son's favorite books.

We have friends that have chickens, and our son announced a few months back that he wanted some. We told him "Sure!", but that he'd be responsible for taking care of them.

He decided that he didn't really want to do that, so how about a rabbit? We told him "Sure!", but he'd be responsible for cleaning out its cage every week.

Now he wants to try photography ;D

topsytechie said...

The palace is superb! In fact, if you and hubby are ever in a "tiff" you shouldn't feel guilty at all for sending him to stay in there for a night or two. Beats some of the hotel rooms I've had the misfortune to stay in! Hope your girls truly enjoy their new digs...

The Stone Age Techie said...

Firefly Mom - Yep, that's the Saphira she's named after! This winter, Luke read it in about a week, during his 'dragon' phase (which he still hasn't entirely left off).

Topsy - After all the work he's put into it, I think hubby might want to spend a few nights out there, even without a tiff as a catalyst :-)

Rana said...

The Palace looks great. I love the names. My daughter loved looking at the chickens and how big they have gotten.

Thanks for the links the other day.

jugglingpaynes said...

Aw! I love your chickens! I grew up with chickens in our backyard. They were fun pets.

Love your sons' haircuts! The nice thing about the mohawk is that if he gets tired of it, it's easy to even out. Especially for boys. ;o)

Peace and Laughter,

Dana @ Our Sunny Side said...

I've been out of the loop for a while but found myself wondering the other day about your chickens and how their house was coming along. It looks great!