Monday, September 13, 2010

The Intersection of Math and Art

School, such as it is for us, kind of officially started last week, with an art class at the library and an amazing math/science class offered by a friend.

Historically, my boys have been totally uninterested in art classes, at least those not about making light sabers out of ziti and aluminum foil. But after Luke was on the winning Battle of the Books team and the second place finisher, that same day, in our library's Harry Potter Trivia Tournament last month, he would follow the librarian anywhere, even into art classes.

Last week's was all about lines, and truthfully I did not think either Luke or Owen got much out of it - until math class, in which the kids made geoboards.

I had my doubts about the geoboards, too. Luke was freaked out about hammering, and worked hard to overcome his fear of getting hurt, so I helped him lots more than I would have thought a ten-year-old might need. Owen helped pound about five nails in before running off to play with the other six-year-olds; when we left, with plenty of colorful elastics and two finished geoboards mostly made by yours truly, I concluded that they would not even be looked at before the next math class.

So, imagine my surprise when, before breakfast the next morning, Luke asked, "Hey Mom, what do you think of this:"

I was stunned. When had he made this creation? "Oh, just now." On the other side of the table, Owen was working too:

My awe was complete when the boys started talking about how the lines in their geoboard designs connected with the lines they learned about in art class. They drew comparisons between the two classes that I would never have thought of, just casually, over breakfast.

Reminding me (again) that learning happens when it happens, and even when you think it isn't happening.


jugglingpaynes said...

Awesome! They did great work! I used to love these kinds of boards when I was a kid.

Peace and Laughter,

Magic and Mayhem said...

Wow, they're gorgeous. Isn't that neat the way kids learn even when we think they're blowing it all off and playing? :) Sounds like fun classes. We love geoboards too!

Firefly Mom said...

Very cool! I love it when they make connections like that.

LOL - I had to laugh about the whole hammering thing, as my kid usually says somthing like: "Hey, mom, can you hold this nail for me?" Yeah, right!

Fairiemom said...

One of our friends has a geoboard wall and ALL the kids - from 2 to 22 LOVE it! We had been thinking about putting one up here, but now with the loss of our work room it looks unlikely. We may just have to settle for something similar to your single boards.
Thanks for Sharing!

Rana said...

They look awesome! I have been wondering about geoboards. I have never really seen them in action. I think the twins would like to do that.

I love that is was a casual conversation over breakfast. Gotta love this life!

sgaissert said...

Well now I want a geoboard! Such a great pots.Thanks!