Thursday, June 11, 2009

Au Contraire, Mon Frere

I ask you, how are these two children from the same parents?

From Spring 09

Owen, in all red with his red ball cap backwards. Luke, in blue, with his blue ball cap facing front. Continuing with clothing for a moment, we can share exactly none of Luke's old pants or shorts with Owen, because Luke wears only sweatpants or cotton shorts - and Owen only wears jeans. I save the jeans he grows out of and use them as cutoffs for the following summer because he'd rather go naked than put on a pair of cotton shorts.

Owen would be a fruitarian if only we gave him half a chance (as long as 'fruitarian' includes all his favorite vegetables). Luke's food group of choice? ...carbohydrates, especially of the cracker/bread/bagel/pasta variety.

Owen = Tigger:

From Fall Blog

Luke = Eeyore, minus the angst:

From The Stone Age Techie

And finally, exhibit E, All-Consuming Passions:

From Spring 09

From The Stone Age Techie

Luke's are dinosaurs, science of pretty well any kind, and reading - although in the year since this picture was taken, the books have evolved into chapter books, especially those that are about dragons, heroes, or quests.

For Owen, life is all about playing a part:

From Summer 2008

From winter 08 09

From The Stone Age Techie

Thank goodness they are good to each other (most of the time, anyway), coming as they do from totally different attitudes, choices, completely different spheres of the brain.

From Oregon for blog


Adele said...

My sister and I were as different as can be growing up and she is absolutely my best friend now (along with my husband). They will have the same core values (from their dedicated parents), yet their differing approaches to life will allow them to have balance and a safe confidant who can keep them zen.
Plus they are so fun to watch!

Jena said...

Beautiful pictures. You have really captured the essence of your kids. I love the Eeyere picture :) and all the costumes. What great kids you have and how lucky they are to grow up with the freedom to be themselves.

Susan said...

I love how you begin and end this post with them together. And all the photos illustrating their different ways and passions are so evocative.

Jean said...

Your post reminds me of my twin brother and myself!! While he was busy playing golf, I was at Karate!! Both of us wondering how can you do that???? It is still that way!! But when I need anything John is the one I can count on!!!

Magic and Mayhem said...

Love the pictures! My girls are night and day different in most ways too. I think they do it a little on purpose so they each have their niche. :) It's too early to know yet if my boys are going to be as different. So far Alex is following Jack's lead in interests in the toddler years though-- throw things, hit things, climb things, break things... then snuggle with mama at the end of the day and get completely off the hook for all of it. G!

Jenny said...

Oh my goodness, I think I own the female counter parts to your sons. We actually have talked about how Ellie is like Eeyore and how Savannah is like Tigger. It is certainly a challenge having these two contrasting personalities in the same house all day long.

The Stone Age Techie said...

It's interesting, I think parents worry about stuff like this more often than necessary... when I worried that the boys were going to be separated by 4 years and so would not be able to relate to one another, their pediatrician said, "this is something that parents think is a big deal, but does not really matter to the kids." Turned out to be very true!

Judging from all of your comments up there, it seems like the different personality thing doesn't really matter either, as long as each of their needs are being met. They love each other, and that matters most.

Thanks for all your input! It's good to have companions on the wild ride that is parenthood.

Dana @ Our Sunny Side said...

My children are very different too but are really great friends...even at their young ages (7 & 4). I agree with the first commenter...I think they balance each other. One allows the other to be freer...the other allows the one to find calm. It works.

And great photos.

Lori said...

love that fort! :^)