Thursday, June 19, 2008

Look Both Ways

Dear God. (You know it's bad when an atheist invokes a deity.)

Deep breath -

Today, driving through the town in which I grew up, a boy riding a bike failed to look both ways before riding out into the road. He rode right in front of my car.

He's okay, my fender hit the back end of his back tire, and he was knocked off balance. Rather than being thrown from his bike or something. And there was no oncoming traffic at the moment, so when he landed in the middle of the street, he was in no danger from the other lane.

All the way home, after the police and EMTs assured me that it wasn't my fault, after I saw the boy head home on his own two feet, his Mom riding his bike beside him, I thought about randomness.

What if, for instance, he came out from behind that parked car a split second earlier, giving me less time to react? What if I'd leaned over at just that moment to adjust the radio?

What if I'd taken the most direct route to our destination, and never even turned onto that road (wouldn't that have been nice.)

Dear God.


Dave said...

But the fact that the (lucky) boy wasn't hurt isn't quite as random as it sounds. You weren't bending over to adjust the radio because you were driving carefully in an area you know children live in. You weren't speeding, or driving recklessly. Sure everyone got a little lucky but it's not all about luck!

Suzanne said...

Someone trying to get your attention:-)