Thursday, April 2, 2009


For the first time in a long time, family-type, 'offline' stuff has gotten in the way of blogging - which stinks, because there has been so much to blog about!

For today, then, I'm going to send you around to some of the super news-worthy links I've seen but have been unable to address that I found out in the blogosphere. And I'm afraid that these next several days look to be at least as real-world busy as the last, giving me lots of time to wish I could get on the computer and rant, but precious little time to actually do so. Ebb and flow, ebb and flow...

First, by way of Alicia at Magic and Mayhem comes this great list of April Fool's jokes. April Fool's day has always been a favorite of mine, and reading about so many hoaxes cracked me up yesterday.

From The Expanding Life comes this article in Parade magazine, about a multi-age model being adopted in a school in Colorado and how much everyone loves it. Of course, we homeschoolers know about the wonders of multi-age education, for so many reasons - I'm hopeful that schools will catch on and be that much less damaging for the children in them. Hopeful... but not exactly optimistic, I guess, because in my more cynical moments I think that schools will probably find a way to mess this up, too. (Gosh, did I just say that? Out loud? How terribly brash...)

This next one should really be the focus of one whole post: Lenore Skenazy over at Free-Range Kids wrote recently about a school in Milford, Connecticut that has banned physical contact of any kind - hugging, patting on the back, slapping five - because somebody got kicked in the groin and sent to the hospital as a result. As Lenore points out, why not just ban kicks to the groin? Why go so far as to outlaw the pinky-shake? I mean, come on, people!

And finally, and for no other reason than because this cartoon made me laugh the hardest this morning:

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning me! I really like your blog, too. And, unfortunately, I agree that, if schools adopt multi-age classrooms, they probably will mess it up somehow. Maybe they'll feel compelled to seat the kids according to age; I mean you can't expect them to lose their age-centered bias immediately! : )

Dana @ Our Sunny Side said...

I had read about that school a few months ago. They were inspired by an Alaskan school that was successful. I hope it works for them. Our school system is really failing our kids.

Between school and illnesses and getting the kids to their karate and dance classes I rarely seem to find time to blog. Then I get lost reading everyone else's great posts!

Thanks for the laugh! That comic is great.