Thursday, October 1, 2009

We have an egg!

It doesn't seem that long ago that they looked like this:

And now, they are all grown up...

And somebody's even laying eggs!

It's the littlest one there, in the front of the carton. I guess we won't be buying too many more cartons of eggs!


Susan said...

Congratulations! How exciting--there is just something so magical about producing your own food. I think one of the first posts I read on your blog was about your chicks. And now they are all grown up. Thank goodness children take longer to grow up than chickens!

Dana @ Our Sunny Side said...

Fabulous! Fresh eggs for breakfast-Enjoy!

Lise said...

Congratulations! We got our first egg a little over a year ago, and I still think it's amazing and thrilling.

Rana said...

How egg-citing! I know I know! That's great fresh eggs all the time.

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow! That is so you can REALLY have some fun with the "which came first" argument at your house!!

The Stone Age Techie said...

Susan - it does seem to have gone by in a blink. You're so right about kids! And, that seems kind of like a blink, too :-)

Dana - yes, this egg was quickly incorporated into some excellent cottage-cheese pancakes. Soooo good!

Lise - welcome! I'm glad to hear that the thrill of egg-gathering never wears off.

Rana - somebody had to say it, right? :-)

Topsy - we've traveled that road before, it seems that eggs were around while the chickens were still dinosaurs... you wouldn't believe the eye-rolling that ensued when I brought up this age-old question, back when we got the chicks. That's what a houseful of budding paleontologists gets you, I guess!

Thanks all, for sharing in our joy -