Monday, March 15, 2010

Finding the Beauty - Day 5

Today, a field trip in pictures. First, we have The Book Barn. My gosh! What a place:

Next, it was off to an amazing state park in Connecticut:

We topped it all off with ice cream (Thanks Jen:-) Yum!


Sparklee said...

Sounds like a wonderful field trip!

jugglingpaynes said...

What a great day! We've done a lot in Connecticut as well. :o)

And yes, all is better here, now that our crazy windstorm has passed!

Peace and Laughter,

Jena said...

wow, you live in a great place.

Luisa said...

That's an awesome field trip.

Anonymous said...

The Book Barn looks cool. Wish we could have been there. : ( Susan

Lise said...

Hey, this field trip looks really familiar! It's our January ritual. Must go back sometime in nice weather, and find those rocks.

You got some great pics!

Anonymous said...

The Book Barn, eh? Do North Carolinians need a passport to visit Connecticut, you think???

Karen said...

We are, in all seriousness, considering opening a used bookstore after visiting this place.

Lise, if you go back to Rocky Neck in nice weather, make sure it's before mid-April when they jack up the entry fee to double what it was last year - $20 in-state and $30 out-of-state. Evidently the state parks are going to be Connecticut's ticket to riches... or maybe just less-crowded than last year.

Topsy, no passport needed! I volunteer to be your area guide :-)