Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Walking With Scarecrows

My Mom-in-law comes up with the coolest activities for us when we go to visit, and this latest weekend had one of the best yet. A town nearby her decided to invite ordinary people and business owners to outdo each other with scarecrows, displayed on the town's main street; we spent a fun afternoon wandering among them. Here are some of our favorites:

The Werewolf of London scarecrow. It took the boys a long time to feel comfortable standing in front of him, he was so realistic! And now, the song is stuck in all of our heads, not a bad thing really.

Luke snuck into his favorite scarecrow set-up:

She has a disco ball above her head, too!

Isn't it amazing how creative people can be? We'll put up our usual scarecrow for Halloween - that is, if any leaves have fallen yet to be the stuffing. And this year, we will do it with a real admiration for what you can do with a scarecrow if you put your mind to it.


Magic and Mayhem said...

Some of those are so creative!

jugglingpaynes said...

Those are great! What a fun thing to see!

Peace and Laughter!

Firefly Mom said...

AHAHA - I love it! And the boys were right, that werewolf did look awfully real! At first, I thought it was you hubby in costume. :D

Karen said...

Alicia and Cristina - they really were a good time :-)

Firefly Mom - when I went up the werewolf, to show the boys that it was a fake, I was nervous that it really wasn't a fake. Even when I was touching the pvc piping that made up the arm, when I could feel it through the sleeve of his jacket, it's like there was a disconnect between what I was seeing and what I was touching. Kinda spooky! I imagine that you might get a similar rush from watching a zombie movie, I just have a higher fear sensitivity threshold :-)

Sparklee said...

Looks like fun!

candyn said...

Oh, these are so cool. My town also holds a scarecrow contest, over the years it is caught on more and some entries are pretty creative – but they're nothing like these! I feel like showing this entry to town businesses and seeing if they'll step up their game. :0)