Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Irony of the Day

Our best health care plan option next year is the one that makes six out of the seven doctors we see, including our primary care doctors and some that we've seen for more than a decade, absolutely unaffordable (meaning that we're scrambling for all new doctors).
The name of this plan is the Tufts Your Choice Plan.

Tryin' to get healthy, it continues to be a long road, so I thought it was time to check in for a mini-rant.

I guess what bothers me most about the name of this plan is that it seems intended to make people believe that they're getting more choices, while their choices are simultaneously being limited. Six out of seven doctors, people! It's so patronizing, calling it the Your Choice Plan.

In other news, the boys are good, the weather is lovely - I guess that's owed to us after a gigantic snowfall on the eve of Halloween - and hubby is now making better homemade pizza than I ever did. I continue to feel incredibly lucky, despite some stubborn obstacles to optimum health.

I hope you can say the same, or better!


Sparklee said...

So sorry--it sounds extremely frustrating. Hope you can find a way to make it work. And I hope you can get on the road to good health, too!

jugglingpaynes said...

I hope your health improves in spite of the obstacles. Health care has always been an issue for our family, with my son and I needing insurance for asthma maintenance. In fact, our current pediatrician practice had a notice up that our plan would no longer be accepted. The only reason they take it from us is because we have been going there for years.

Don't apologize for ranting. No system ever changed through quiet acceptance. ;o)

Peace and Laughter!

candyn said...

Rant away! I'm right there with you. Our current insurance isn't accepted by any of our doctors either. We were told it was when we bought it, but failed to check it ourselves. And nope, not accepted. We can't find any doctors on our plan that are accepting new patients. Sigh... I feel gray hairs growing even as I type this. You'd think for as much as insurance costs, it would be easier to use.

All my best in your quest for better health!

Karen said...

So, this is what I love about blogging: you never feel quite as alone as you used to. Nice to feel the sympathy, and hear the stories from others going through similar trials!
Thanks for sharing ladies :-)

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