Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Changes

What a difference a month makes!

A month ago, I wasn't walking; now, for very limited periods, I can. Also, the only thing my leg needs now is strength, so different from a month ago when every movement hurt. Big, big change!

In February, Owen had a lot more teeth than he does now:

As he's gotten more vampire-y looking, he's also developed a thirst (d'oh! cringe) for tales of that mysterious rabbit, Bunnicula. Coincidence?

In February, we had no new seedlings. And now:

Those nasturtiums, closest of the seedlings to the window and to the camera, have doubled in size since I took this picture yesterday.

And the Monster Spray has been repurposed, now hydrating our plants while keeping the house monster-free:

But some things never change. As ever, Luke loves paper airplanes, and this mild winter has presented lots of opportunities for flying them.

Here's to a spring with all positive changes. Fingers crossed!


Kerry said...

It feels like we've been in spring for weeks now because our temps have been so strangely, even though we haven't officially hit the season, I've already got my spring fever behind me!! LOL So glad to get an update on your beautiful fam!

Luisa said...

Spring is in the air definitely it will be nice for positive changes :)

jugglingpaynes said...

Good to hear from you! I'm sorry you were having trouble with your leg.

May spring bring good things to your life!

Peace and Laughter,

Karen said...

Good to hear from you guys too :-)

I haven't been shouting about my health issues because it seemed too self-pitying, and also private, to broadcast over the internet. But I can say, with probably only 4-6 months of leg rehab to go (after 9 months already), that walking on my own two feet in any small capacity is truly a blessing.
If nothing else, it's shown my gang and I what's most important in life.

I hope that spring brings good things to your lives too -

Sparklee said...

Oops, I missed this post back in March. I'm glad you're doing better now!

I love the snaggle-toothed picture! So cute! Your boys are really growing!

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