Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Slowly, Slowly

Growth comes in tiny packages sometimes.

One day, I stood up and walked away from the computer without even thinking about it – no planning where to put my feet, no thinking about shifting weight from one side to the other side. Before I knew it, I was up and away.

Another day, I discovered that I can shave my legs standing up in the shower! Funny what constitutes progress.

Those plants in the banner up there? They are now so big, that they no longer fit on the table and have had to be moved outside into a tiny greenhouse that I got last Christmas. It's like Attack of the Nasturtiums.

Thank goodness the boys and their Dad are digging a new garden, we're gonna need it soon!

Owen learned to read in such tiny increments that I didn't realize what was happening. Over a period of about six months he went from not reading, to decoding print, to almost effortless reading with inflection and emphasis. And giggling, lots of giggling – Owen prefers comics. The other day, I asked him to choose a book to bring to physical therapy in case he got bored while I was getting treatment. As he ran off to grab his favorite Garfield, he paused, looked up at me, and asked "Mom? Am I a reader?" I was so happy to be able to say to him with a big smile, "Yep!"

Slowly, slowly – it seems like everything has been moving at a snail's pace. And yet here we are in sunny April, walking and reading and growing. It feels incremental and at the same time all at once.


jugglingpaynes said...

You know what they say. Slow and steady wins the race. :o)

I love your analogy. Thank you for taking a moment to post! You have been missed!

Peace and Laughter,

Emily said...

Hi Karen,
The Worcester County Holistic Moms Network is having a meeting about homeschooling on May 2 at 6:30pm at the West Boylston public library and we are looking for homeschooling parents to come share their experiences with the group. If you're available, we would love to have you come (it's a round-table discussion, no need to prepare a formal presentation).
You can call me at 508-890-8899 if you can make it or if you want more information.

Sparklee said...

Aw, that is so sweet! Good for him! I know you're proud, but I'll bet he's even more proud!

So glad you are making progress. I hope you continue to do well!

Good luck with the garden, and happy spring!

Meredith Tally said...

Haven't checked in with you in a while. Hope you are still improving and making great progress!

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