Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Artist at Work

It doesn't take much to make Owen happy right now:

From Spring 09

From Spring 09

The keys seem to be paint suitable for windows - in our case, tempera mixed equally with dish soap (I was skeptical about getting it off the windows, but surprisingly it comes off quite easily even after hanging around for several weeks) - in at least two colors, newspaper for the floor, a nice tall window, and, most importantly, the step stool. Because, what fun it it painting only to your own height?

I love four, the age at which yellow + blue = green is pure magic... especially when you add in the step stool.


Khakismum said...

I remember ME at that age when it *was* pure magic to create new colours from others....but then I was an artist at heart then and I later 'officially' became one. I have a couple diplomas that prove it! ;-)

My mom found glass crayons from Germany that my DD loved to use. She would draw elaborate scenes on our sliding glass door. Get lots of pictures of this, I'm sorry I didn't get any of my DD's masterpieces on glass.

Rana said...

That looks like fun. We will have to try that.

Say "Hi" to the chicks for us.