Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Field Guide to Homeschoolers: 180th Carnival of Homeschooling

Whatever you are doing right now, you must drop it and visit this carnival. It is awesome!

From Crackbook

Best quote: Should you come across a homeschooler in the wild, DO NOT APPROACH WITH CAUTION. Such cautiousness can easily be misinterpreted and you may find yourself the subject of a blog post. Remain calm, strike up a conversation like you would with any other stranger you meet in an elevator and indulge your curiosity.

There are few things homeschoolers enjoy more than telling you how much they love homeschooling.

Here are some of the posts I had the chance to check out today (I'll go back after the darlings are in bed - they are home, prompting me to wonder, what Mommy Break?): Jennifer at Life is Not a Cereal talks about why her homeschoolers sometimes want to go to school, and Shauna at Treasure Seekers is heading outside, and gives some great suggestions for outdoor play. Also, my Interview with Daniel Wolff is there, under "Homeschoolers are inherently inquisitive."

These are just a few of dozens of posts in this carnival, and they are organized in such a clever way that browsing is really a pleasure. Seriously, whatever you were doing, drop it and go read!

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