Thursday, June 18, 2009

What Happens When You Plan Haircuts After a Park Day?

You end up with one kid thinking of himself as Spock:

From Spring 09

And the other with a Mohawk!

From Spring 09

Lots of Star Trek play, and other kids with Mohawks, at park day yesterday I guess.

And, how do you say no to your five-year-old who wants a Mohawk? I decided that I couldn't do it, because if you cannot choose your hairstyle when you are five, it's going to come back to bite your parents when you are sixteen.


Mister Dad said...

i don't either, and wouldn't think of it... although i have put my 2 cents in make it "even cooler." seriously, after 8 or 9 yrs of my school forcing me to wear my hair a particular way, i discourage mere conformity without legitimate reasons.

of course, i have put my foot down on tattoos. not until they're of legal age to get one, at least.

Latte Lady said...

Oh my goodness! How funny! My 10 year old has a mohawk too!

I think that is cute!


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Rana said...

Cute hair! When my son was 2 his hair was taking forever to grow in so he looked like he had a Mohawk and because his hair was so fluffy it looked like an Afro. We dubbed his hair the Frohawk. Thank God it grew in over the next few months.

Khakismum said...

Good for you for letting them have fun with their hair! :-) It's hair, it'll grow back/out. Your oldest looks like the young Spock from the movie!! LOL Too cute!

Anonymous said...

I like both cuts! Better than the case of the shaggies that my sons both have going currently. Sigh.

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