Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Amazing Ocean

From summer 09

This is us, looking not-quite-our-best, after three days of camping. But I put the pic in here anyway, because the trip was so much fun! We camped about two minutes from a south-facing beach in Rhode Island, and our trip was enhanced by Hurricane Bill, which stayed far out to sea and allowed us lovely weather combined with the wildest, most beautiful surf I've ever seen.

From summer 09

No, we're not crazy - on the Friday of our trip, the surf was high but still safe to swim. It was on Saturday afternoon, when the tide was going out (we heard sad stories when we got home about people washed out to sea further up the coast because they were on the beach with the tide coming in) that the show got really spectacular:

From summer 09

Here's a teenaged kid near the surf for perspective:

From summer 09

He looks so small, with the ocean churning all around him! We let the boys get their toes wet, but that was about it - and we were happy that Owen chose sand-castle building well behind the line of fire instead of checking out the water.

From summer 09

From summer 09

I know that these waves are probably no big deal to those of you who live on the Pacific coast - but barrel-roll waves here are big news!

From summer 09

The ocean made a great weekend, with lots of my oldest friends and their families, even better. It made me remember how amazing the natural world can be, and how thankful I am that I occasionally get to glimpse its power and beauty.


Anonymous said...

Man...I'm wishing I could have come along on this adventure. I LOVE churning surf!! (Don't go out in it, but I love to watch it!) And what's this about not looking good after three days camping. You are both ready for a magazine cover! Great pics...thanks for sharing!

The Stone Age Techie said...

Oh, Topsy, thanks... getting home and into the shower was also a highlight :-)
I've never seen the ocean like that, it was really amazing!

Jena said...

When I opened your blog and saw that picture of you and your husband, I said outloud, "that's cute!" I rarely talk to myself outloud, so your picture must be something special. :) How fun and what great memories you made with your boys! Priceless, grime and all. :)

Susan said...

That surf is wild! You look like you really had a great time--a real getaway--the kind where all you cares are forgotten. Love your new header photo, though I miss the prism, but that is such a great photo.

Rana said...

I'm reading your blog and watching Galactica Season 2 disc 3.

What great pictures of the ocean. Those waves are amazing. I love spending time at the beach. Your boys look like they had a great time.

The Stone Age Techie said...

Jena - it was fun, grime and all; I guess that's why I liked the pic of Ben and I enough to post it, we look hot and tired but also happy.

Susan - I had a hard time giving up the prism, and I may yet go back to it - but the waves were so amazing, I decided I wanted to see that for awhile.

Rana - If you scroll down to the bottom of my blog, you'll see who I ended up as... one of my absolute favorite characters! Enjoy, and good luck trying to have a life outside Battlestar :-)