Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Baby Brother is Getting Married!

From fall 2009

He gave me that car up there, a Red Barchetta (as in the 80's song by Rush, a song that can still transport me back in time even though I know it is totally cheesy). Inside the car are the Playmobil bride and groom that topped my wedding cake; somehow this seems fitting as a symbol of my brother's upcoming nuptials.

I remember when he was born. I used to push him in his little wind-up swing.

One summer when he was five or so, he coaxed a wild bird to land on his hand, repeatedly; he named the bird Pepper.

From fall 2009

He used to have a giant stuffed monkey who went everywhere with him, named Max. See him, in that pic up there?

He slept with a baseball cap instead of a blankie.

He's always marched to his own beat - he used to translate English papers into other languages (using computer software), just for a joke, and I know of no one else who had a 'room-cleaning outfit' that included a car hood ornament on a chain. I know of no one else who had a room-cleaning outfit, period!

He remains my musical guru, exposing me to some of my absolute favorite bands, like Belle and Sebastian, Moxy Fruvous, Dan Bern...

He gave possibly the best 'best man' speech I have ever heard, as a young man of eighteen, when our brother got married nearly thirteen years ago to a girl whom we love - I think of her as my sister, not just sister-in-law. The speech was funny, tender, and from the heart; now, our brother gets the chance to return the favor, something I am so looking forward to.

We three formed a pretty tight unit, despite a big-ish age difference; I count myself extremely lucky to have these two brothers in my life.

Anyway, the baby brother grew up into a funny, amazing guy - and he has found his perfect girl. Actually, they found each other about twelve years before they fell in love, so they got to be best friends first, giving them a pretty good chance at happiness, I think.

Go ahead, raise a glass of something celebratory this Saturday afternoon - cheers to Dave and Lena!


Rana said...

Congrats to your brother! Have fun at the wedding.

Susan said...

Congratulations to your baby brother!

Anonymous said...

Awww....what a great post. Trying to figure out what it would be like to have 2 brothers. (I'm an only) According to your post, it's actually sounding pretty good. All my best to your bro!

The Stone Age Techie said...

Thanks girls, this was a mind-blowingly great weekend... I'll be posting about it soon!