Thursday, April 29, 2010

Banner Parade

I've been looking at past banners, and thought I would share some of my favorites today. They bring back memories of what was going on in our lives at the time, and make a photo diary of what we've been up to for the last two-plus years. I hope you enjoy them!

Owen, at three, admiring some of our morning glories one August.

A butterfly sipping nectar on our very first homeschool field trip, to a nature sanctuary nearby.

Flowers in the amazing rose garden in Portland, Oregon. Gosh, we loved that place!

A snowman the boys built with their Uncle Dave; if memory serves, they named the snowman Jeffrey, for no apparent reason.

Fences at Gettysburg. What an amazing, amazing place.

The light prism at the New Bedford Whaling Museum.

Autumn leaves, happily glowing to themselves as we walked by letterboxing.

At the ocean last summer.

I was so proud of this bread, basically a giant chocolate croissant. Yummmmm.

These little guys were hanging out with me in the warm autumn sunshine on a bench at Old Sturbridge Village.

And finally, our laundry on the line - a favorite, although I can't tell you why.

Maybe it just represents our crazy, fun, good old life.


Susan said...

I like the laundry, too! I really like the dragonflies as well. And the fences at Gettysburg. It was really fun to revisit all these banners that I enjoyed as they came. And to see the few that I missed before I started reading!

Rana said...

I like the butterfly in the grass. And the fall leaves. Very nice.

jugglingpaynes said...

I am so going to need the recipe for the giant chocolate croissant bread!

Peace and Laughter,

Firefly mom said...

Gee, I'm kinda partial to the Portland roses. I have NO idea why... ;D

Sue said...

I just found your blog today via The Learning Cafe and am enjoying reading your posts.
I love these banners, especially Gettysburg!

Uncle Dave said...

We built the snowman together; when it was finished I asked if he had a name. Owen said, "Of course he does. His name is Jeffrey."

The "bent twig smiley face" is a pretty inspired innovation, if I do say so myself.