Friday, April 16, 2010

It Beats the Alternative

I'm thirty-nine years old today. Isn't that freaky? It's dangerously close to doddering old age, but I still love my birthday, the only day when I don't feel guilty eating a jar's worth of Nutella.

Here are some favorite pics from my thirty-eighth year, one of the best so far on this merry-go-round:

This was the year that the chickens came on the scene.

Ditto the Chicken Palace.

Last spring we went to Gettysburg, and I got extreme goosebumps watching Luke and Owen play in the woods where Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and his 20th Maine fighters held the Rebels back, determining the course of history.

Old Sturbridge Village, a place where the boys visited for the first time just this past June, has become a constant source of interest and excitement.

My brother's wedding was a highlight, too; here is his bride with all four of her new nephews.

I've looked in on the adventures of my parents:

and learned to knit.

Best of all, I've gotten to enjoy my kids:

And just be in love with, and in awe of, my husband, the sane guy in our crazy madhouse.

Yeah, it's a damn good life.


Lise said...

Happy birthday!! Just 39? You're a young'un. (I'm facing 41 next month, and pretty seriously freaked out about it!) Looks like it's been a wonderful year. Here's hoping 39 is even better.

bugsboysandbooboos said...

39 years YOUNG!
Love the pic with the bow and arrows. Awesome! I love my thirties. I'd take them over my 20's anyday!

jugglingpaynes said...

Please don't feel close to doddering. At 41, that would mean I'm even closer!

Love the pics, especially you and your husband. LOL! I say the same about my husband. He's the straight man for all the comic relief!

Happy Birthday! The best years are ahead of you!

Peace and Laughter,

Anonymous said... and the world am I supposed to remember birthdays if people DON'T ADD THEM TO THEIR FB PROFILES??!! Do you seriously expect people to write that stuff down??!! It's the 21st century, woman...get with the program!! ;) Oh, and have a happy birthday. Left a little sumpin-sumpin on your wall, anyway.

Rana said...

Wow April was a busy birthin month, mine was this past Sunday I turned 36, the twins was the weekend before and you know they are 7. Don't freak out over 39. You had a great year of new and fun adventures with your family and that's what matters. I love all the photos. The last one is great of you and your husband.

Jena said...

Happy Birthday, my friend. May this next year be filled with just as much adventure!

Firefly mom said...

What a great year that you've had! I hope that 39 is even better for you and your family (can't wait to see *those* pictures ;)

Karen said...

Gosh, thank you guys! This blog, and all the connections to bloggy buddies, played a huge part in making 38 so great.

Thank you all for being a part of my life!


Magic and Mayhem said...

Happy Birthday! I loved the pics and loved reading along during year 38. And 39 is nothing, lady. 41 on the other hand.... ;) I hope it's another wonderful year!