Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Two Views of the Same Scene

Our garden, one recent May. Note the fence made of sticks, and the shepherd's crook, lush with gorgeous flowers.

And, today - isn't that insane? No fence at all, you can see just a few feet of the shepherd's crook, and the spiny remains of plant life almost totally buried by snow.

What a winter we're having!


candyn said...

It has been fun seeing all the snow pictures on the web today. So much snow and so many happy kids!

Rana said...

Crazy! Enjoy the snow while you can. It will be all melted away before we know it.

Susan said...

I love your stick fence! I envy your snow. We've been having very little this month in our closest snow play place--Lake Tahoe. Send some our way.

Sparklee said...

That's a lot of snow! We have plenty here, too. I was just wistfully gazing at my tomato containers out on the porch--they look like big, white wedding cakes at the moment!

Karen said...

candyn - I feel the same way, it seems many bloggers are in the snow belt :-)

Rana - we are enjoying it SO much. This is my favorite time of year, both for the snowy outdoors, and the quiet, snuggled-by-the-fire indoors.

Susan - the boys and I built the stick fence, and and in fact the whole front garden, about 3 years ago, and we all love it. It's built in a part of the front yard that hubby told me that spring we wouldn't have enough $ for grass seed - so we used sticks from our woods, and pavers from a previous patio renovation, and the plants came from a friend who was building an addition on to her house.
I'm wishing for good snow for you!

Sparklee - I love the comparison of winter-time tomato planters to wedding cakes! Perfect, and before you know it they'll have lots of tomatoes.