Thursday, February 10, 2011

We Interrupt This Valentine's Season To Bring You...

The Lord of The Rings.
While other families talk of love, and chocolate, and exchanging valentines, all our discourse has been about orcs, and hobbits, and Gollum, and who's tougher - Legolas or Gimli?

Activities surrounding LOTR have run the gamut, from endless drawings by 6-year-old Owen of the siege at Helm's Deep, to discussions of how to make a One Ring birthday cake (next summer, not any time soon.) We've even rediscovered this Flight of the Conchords classic:

There are a few swears in the middle, which I talk over when Owen watches; yes, glad you asked - I know where the swears are because I've had this video memorized long before Owen had ever heard of Aragorn, Son of Arathorn.

Because I loved the tale as a child, it's been very moving to see the wonder on Luke and Owen's faces as they enjoy the movies, and the endless family discussions on everything related to the story.

Which I guess brings us back around to Valentine's Day, in a peculiar way; this is a story about love and loyalty, even if there are no candy hearts or chocolates.
I wouldn't have it any other way.


Sparklee said...

Wonderful! I can't wait to share these beloved stories with my kids, too. I've never seen this video--don't know how I missed it!

topsy-techie said...

Valentines...LOTR...that's quite a segway!! :) Happy Val-en-lord-tine-rings Day to the lot of you crazy lovable lugs!!

Dawn said...

Education and learning is everywhere. You can maybe even segway into map making.

Rana said...

We are addicted to LOTR here. My son(7) sounds like your boys constantly asking questions about the story and making me have movie marathons with him. Which I really don't mind doing watching that trilogy over and over again. I would have to say Legolas is my favorite and kicks major orc butt. My hubby and son play a LOTR role playing game. Maybe your boys might be interested in. I will send you the website. I don't know it off hand.

Susan said...

I love the Flight of the Conchords video--thanks for sharing. I, too, am impressed by the LOTR/Valentines Day connection but how could something that brings so much joy not be connected to love somehow? I'm also impressed with your 2011 goals! Wow. I resolved to drink a glass of water before each meal and may I say that the whole project is on the skids. I probably won't be drinking any water at all by 2012.