Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cape Cod, Off-Season

I got a few days alone with my hubby recently, to celebrate us both turning The Big 4-0. (Isn't that crazy? I hope that the next forty are as great as the last.)
I think I only want to visit Cape Cod in the off-season ever again! No crowds, just friendly year-round residents and blissfully empty open spaces.

This is just a few steps from the inn we stayed at.

Nobksa Light, one of two lighthouses we checked out - I have a thing for lighthouses like Topsy has a thing for waterfalls, so this was my kind of trip.

The view from Nobska Light.

Any thoughts on what this bird might be? He was hunting for lunch in Nauset Marsh.

Here's the second lighthouse, Nauset Light. It overlooks Nauset Beach:

And there's Ben, way up the beach.

Notice that we are in full winter gear! It was beautiful, but very cold and windy.

My Ben, I am so glad that you're the one I get to turn forty with! But, will you still need me when I'm sixty-four?


jugglingpaynes said...

Welcome to the 40's! They've been good to me so far. *knock on wood*

Looks like you had a wonderful trip. Love the pictures!

Peace and Laughter,

Rana said...

I love your pictures. I have a thing for lighthouses. What a beautiful spot to escape to and celebrate.

I turned 37 on Monday, the twins turned 8 on the 3rd. What is your birth date? April is a good month to be born.

candyn said...

We love traveling in the off season. Lack of crowds make up for what the weather may lack! I believe the bird you captured is a blue heron. We have a lot around here and it sure looks similar.

Happy Birthday to you and your husband! How fun to turn 40 together. :0)

topsy-techie said...

Welcome to the club, lady!!!! :) And hey, I like lighthouses, too, we just don't see them all that often here in the mountains. ;) Beautiful pics!!!

Karen said...

Cristina - thanks :-) I hope I can say the same!

Rana - I agree about April being a great month to be born. And Happy Belated Birthday to you and the twins!

Candyn - I am going to grab the bird book right now, and look up the blue heron. Thanks for the tip!

Topsy - membership has its privileges, right? I sure hope so... :-)

Jana said...

Hi there - I saw that you did a survey on why people homeschool back in Apr 2009. Did you ever post the results? I'm interested. Thanks - Jana