Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Spruce-Up

Nearly two years ago, we blew $200 on This End Up couches from our favorite thrift shop nearby. The cushions were old, and somewhat, shall we say, eye-catching:

But we thought, hey, we'll get covers for them, the sunflowers will be gone in a month, tops.

Fast-forward to two weekends ago, when I happened to look into the Last Chance bin at Ikea - and got $500 worth of couch covers for $30! Sure, they were meant to fit different-sized cushions, but I thought I could make them fit ours. So, one panic attack (at the thought of using scissors on such gorgeous fabric - I made the first cuts while on the phone with my Mom, I'm so glad she was home or I might not have had the guts) and a whole lot of thread later:

Bliss. One tiny corner of our tiny home has been tamed.


Rana said...

Don't ya love when you find a deal like that? They look good.

This end up! Our bedroom furniture was from there when hubs and I first got married. Actually his mom bought us our bed and armoire and we just brought his desk and dresser from home when we got our first apartment.

candyn said...

Wow! I wouldn't have known where to start altering something like that. It looks awesome! It is the best feeling to make something look good and yet also have it be such a deal.

Melissa R said...

I agree, such a great change. I love the discount area in Ikea. Ian often finds stuff for his "inventions" there and we have gotten a few pieces of furniture in that section also.

topsy-techie said...

Okay...just for the sake of being devil's advocate here...you COVERED the sunflowers???!!! Didn't happen to save the fabric, did ya?? I LOVE those doggone perky flowers!! :)