Friday, February 22, 2008

The Mountains

Unlike yesterday, when I was able only to think of the risks involved in air travel (and, let's face it, life), today I'm inclined once again to think of the rewards.

Specifically, I'm getting ready to visit the Rocky Mountains:

My first landscape quilt, this one hangs on my folks' wall, and reflects the view out their windows. While it does have some flaws, I get a tingle up my spine when I'm out there looking at it, and the view it represents.

It seems impossible that ten years have passed since my Mom called me up just after my Dad got his (extremely well-deserved) Golden Parachute, and said, "Your father and I are putting the house on the market and moving to the Rockies!"

While I miss them now that they're so far away, it's also pretty cool that they just up and did it, and in such style. Dad teaches skiing, Mom writes, they travel extensively, and visiting them is always an experience.

The boys and I can't wait!

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