Saturday, January 1, 2011

First: Simplify

Well, goodbye 2010. In many ways you were a hard year, and I won't be sad to see you go.

When you were toughest, often it had to do with disorganization and clutter, not just with our material possessions but also in our minds. This feeling came on gradually, but by October or November it was getting hard to stay afloat above all the clutter.
I include here Luke's need to grow out of childhood gracefully, and Owen's excitement about transforming his ideas into reality with the use of copious amounts of cardboard, tape, and glue, and my desire to slow things down and enjoy every moment.

I mean to fix this in 2011.

Here is my list of goals for the coming year:

1) Make rather than purchase, when at all possible.

2) Stay organized –
Go through toys, books, clothes.
Give away much, keep what's most important.
Involve the boys in this organizing process.

3) Write –
As I'm happiest when blogging, and as blogging helps me to collect my thoughts, I have a great writing tool right here. I'm gonna use it, even when it's just for a picture or a quick note.

4) Facilitate the boys' projects –
Because rather than continue with Perpetual Saturday Morning, our homeschooling style is changing. As part of Luke's work towards his rite of passage, I've learned that he does better with a project. Having something to get up and do helps him feel accomplished, excited, and engaged.
Owen, too, needs to be involved in something bigger than himself, which is especially fun because he's now writing and drawing like a boy obsessed.
I guess I should include my own projects in here, as well. Funny to think about facilitating your own projects, but knitting, growing food and playing with it in the kitchen, and who knows what else I'll come up with this year – I need some space and time for these as well.

5) Keep in mind that, while the days may be long, the years are short -
I aim to take something positive from every day, even if it is just a fleeting smile or quirky comment from someone I love. Especially Luke and Owen; they're growing so quickly, and soon their childhood will be a memory. Thank you Jena, for helping me remember this!

So, this should make for an interesting year. What about you? Any resolutions, or changes you plan to make in 2011?


jugglingpaynes said...

I've decided, after overwhelming myself this December, that I need to do what my daughter did last year. So my goal is to craft one gift per month to set aside for next Christmas. That way I should have time to spend December baking cookies and enjoying family instead of worrying about what I'm bringing and whether it is "good enough". :o)

I'm glad I will see more posts from you this year!

Peace and Laughter!

Karen said...

Cristina, you have a very wise daughter :-)

Happy New Year!

topsy-techie said...

These are SO similar to my own goals for 2011. You were basically like my "scribe" for getting them down in text. ;) Wishing you the happiest of new year's, lady!!

candyn said...

Those are great goals! I haven't set any structured goals yet, but your list is inspiring me to try.

The days are long and years are short. That is my favorite one on your list. This sentiment has been hitting me hard lately. My little children are now big ones, my big kid is now an adult. It seems like while I was busy trying to get through my days, my children grew and grew.

I need to make better use of this time so I am more aware of the good stuff, and less aware of things like the laundry!

Happy New Year! :0)

Karen said...

Topsy - well, you know they say that great minds think alike :-)
I wish you the happiest of new years, too!

Candyn - I keep thinking about the term 'planned obsolescence'; I know that I'm raising them to not need me anymore, but it sure does feel strange! I think I must add to my list your line about laundry, it expresses the point perfectly.

Happy New Year!

Firefly Mom said...

I love the list, but #5 struck me the most. It's so very true, and I find that the older Cody gets, the faster the years go.

Rana said...

Great goals Karen! I'm on the same wave length. I want us to slow down and enjoy being together as a family instead of getting more stuff. I like the idea of doing more hand made gifts. I'm teaching myself how to crochet. It's going slowly.

Have a great year with those men of yours!