Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Strike While The Iron Is Hot

As I write, Luke is dictating an idea for a game he's had to his Dad. He is so excited, he is pacing and breathless, speaking faster than his dad can write. It's been a long time since I've seen him like this.

Owen is excited too; now, it's his turn to tell Dad all about the dragons that are going to be in his game.

It's really this excitement that I wanted to blog about tonight. We have had kind of a blah day, cooped up in the house with freezing rain and grayness outside, Luke and I both with headaches and all three of us with an unsatisfy-able sweet tooth. It looked like we were going to have an evening with much of the same, and then – a eureka moment!

We got to talking about making our own games, even making a company that would sell our games, and it sparked something new in both children. I mean, they've been excited about things, but this was different. You could see the possibilities dawning on their faces, especially Luke.

At one point he was so emotional he could hardly speak; when he found his voice, he asked, "what if we fail?" I told him that I don't think of it as failing, and instead if we end up not reaching our goal, we would still have learned lots, and that what we learn would take us through future ventures. I told him, I try to think in terms of learning versus succeeding or failing. He had been so upset, I was frankly a little surprised when he perked right up and asked for a notebook, a pencil, and some time on the computer.

Now, he is asking for a different notebook that he can take up to bed with him to write more ideas; Owen just came in to kiss me good night and as he was leaving he asked, "Mom, how do you start a company?"

I told him I was just about to look into it.


jugglingpaynes said...

Must be something in the air. My son asked me tonight if he could use the word processor on our computer to start writing up his game ideas!

What else could I say? He's asking me if he can do some writing. Yes! Yes! Yes!

Peace and Laughter!

topsy-techie said...

Oh, I so remember those game creating days. Heck, we are STILL in game creation mode, but now it all takes place in some kind of strange code that I can never possibly hope to decipher but that I still get excited about because I'm pretty sure it will be the code that supports me in my old age! ;)

Sparklee said...

Yay! That is WONDERFUL! I think homeschoolers in particular would be interested in games designed by kids. Or maybe a make-your-own game kit? You're so creative, you could go wild with that one!

There are a couple of business-for-kids books on Amazon; I haven't read them but they might be worth checking out.

Hope they have fun brainstorming and creating their games!

Sparklee said...

Ooh, just had another thought. Are your familiar with Caves and Claws or any other cooperative games? I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that company is a family business.

OK, now I'll shut up! :)

Karen said...

Cristina - if he'll let me, I will post pics of the writing Luke has been doing on this project. It is truly blowing my mind, I am so proud of him.

Topsy - sometimes I feel like my boys are yours, only a little younger. It's like looking into the future, kind of cool!

Sparklee - please, keep talking :-)
I read your first comment and thought, ooh, good idea to look into kids' business books - then I read your second comment, and thought, ooh, another good idea! Keep 'em coming, we can use all the suggestions we can get!

Rana said...

What an exciting venture. Don't you love it when and idea comes together and the kids take off with it. My kiddos are working on starting a pet store with their two homeschool buddies. They get together and that's all they talk about, whose going to run the register, whose going to take care of stock and feed the animals. What kinds of animals to have. It's great to watch and listen to them get excited about things they love.

I would love to hear more about these games. You know we would be interested playing some.

Anonymous said...

I got all excited just reading this! It also reminded me of when the play place in our area was closing because the roof caved in and Stephanie brainstormed a plan to save it with a lemonade sale. She was about seven . . .

You're having a great life, Karen.