Thursday, January 13, 2011

Great Weather

It's no secret, I love snow. The more the better! This storm we just had really made me think of my childhood, and it is so much fun watching the kids play in the snow like I used to.

Here's a photo essay of how we spent today:

For reference, I am standing in our driveway. Owen is parked on top of the bushes. Cool, huh?

Next, out into Dragon Woods. I actually wore snowshoes today, for the first time in several years. It was awesome.

Hope you're enjoying whatever whether you're getting as much as we're enjoying ours!


jugglingpaynes said...

I've been annoyed at the last two snowstorms. The snow hasn't been good for packing. What's the good of all this snow if you can't make a decent giant snowman? :o)

Peace and Laughter!

candyn said...

Oh, snowshoes! Those have been on my 'want' list for years, but have never splurged on them. They just sound fun and living in a state that often has six months of snow makes them seem practically life enhancing.

Sparklee said...

Gorgeous photos, especially the sun shining through the trees. Looks like you have a couple of tired (but happy) kids there, too!

Rana said...

I love the boys rosy cheeks. The trees look beautiful with the snow on them. We have blowing snow right now. I'm hoping to get out to the beach soon with the kids to see the ice fishermen.

Karen said...

Cristina – yes, that storm was the first that we've had with really good snowman snow. Now, the snow is covered in a thick layer of ice! But, we are expecting yet another storm in the next few days so maybe that'll have more snowman snow.

candyn – we got our snowshoes before we had children, that's how we could afford it :-)
And you are right, this winter they are proving to be a very important mode of transportation!

Sparklee – Thanks. The woods behind our house really shine at this time of year. In fact, we don't see much of our woods and summer because of all the poison ivy. Thank goodness for winter!

Rana – how cool that you can go check out icefishing! Winter is so grand.