Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pillow Talk

By about 9AM most mornings, I'm ready to send my 3 year-old to military school. He's going through a tough time right now, to say the least - thank goodness we have a few daily minutes to snuggle up in my bed and be happy together, before the pressures of the day (potty training? breakfast indecision? busted lightsaber?) come to bear.

In the early mornings, he's a cheerful, boisterous guy. This can be hard to take in a co-snuggler, especially for me, a decidedly non-morning person. But today, I try to relax and let him sing, and bounce, and chatter. First, I'm treated to a rousing rendition of "Woody's Roundup," the song from Toy Story, only with his own words:

Woody's Roundup... come on, to back, to back/

Woody's Roundup... come on, to back, to back!

Then, in a classic puppy kind of way, he jumps back and forth over my sleepy self about a dozen times. And finally comes my favorite morning snuggle bit, when Owen looks at the house quilt wall-hanging I made when his big brother was his age. It's 10 feet wide, and perfectly positioned for daydreaming while snuggled in our bed.

"Mom, that's my house. And that's yours, right next door, and Luke's is up there, and Daddy's right next to him, and that's Grandma's, and Uncle Dave's, and my cousins'..." and on and on, until everyone we know is safely installed in their own cozy houses on our quilt.

What I love best about this naming thing is, Luke used to do it too, back when he was the 3 year-old snuggling up in bed with his Mama and Daddy. When Owen began, spontaneously, to do the same thing this year, my heart just soared - my two boys are so different, but in some ways they're just the same.

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Alternicity said...

Magic. :)
Mine get boisterous after dinner.