Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Refrigerator Poetry

Months ago, I bought a little kit with this trip in mind, basically a "things to do when you're bored kit." Yesterday afternoon, snowed in, we pulled the kit out and found some magnetic tape and the idea to make your own magnetic poetry kit. Luke and I went around asking for random words, came up with our own (Luke's were names of Star Wars characters, mine were mostly verbs and words from the thesaurus, like "dolt"). We got out scissors and Scotch tape and, when we ran out of the kit's magnetic tape, we got permission to cut up some of the magnets on the fridge that everyone seems to have these days (Drain problems? Call 1-800-I-Drain...).

It was such a fun project to do, because it involved everyone on some level - Owen put the finished words on the fridge, even - and is ongoing: when Luke needs a new word, he gets out paper, tape and a piece of magnet and goes to town.

Here are some favorites:

Jedi Incarnate, zoom!

Rhyme, Padme, Notable Articulate Dolt!

Padme escapes love with evil Sith Anakin

Silly fun, for sure - and extremely easy to get started. I wish I'd thought of a homemade magnetic poetry kit long before!

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