Tuesday, March 18, 2008


See this little child?

Cute, isn't he?

Happy as a pig in poop.

Here, he is doing the little-brother version of a "climbing wall."

All these adorable pictures of our Owen have two things in common: one, they were all taken in the Rocky Mountains, and two, he is not having a fit in any of them.

There's a reason for that - while visiting the grandparents, Owen had exactly one tantrum. One, over 16 days! Since we arrived home, he's averaged about 16 each day; we are all somewhat tired of this.

Next time I feel like screaming back at him, I'm going to calmly glide over to our handy-dandy computer and look at these pictures, because surely if he could go 16 days with only one tantrum at some point in the recent past, we can look forward to this miracle again in the future. Right?

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