Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Two Great Carnivals

If you have some time, grab your favorite drink (warm, cold, Mother's Little Helper, whatever you need) and curl up by the computer to check out lots of great posts in two locations:

The Carnival of Unschooled Life is up over at Susan's wonderful blog, The Expanding Life. I'm not sure that really radical unschoolers would count my family among their number, but I certainly think of myself as an unschooler; if you count yourself as one, then consider submitting a post for the next Carnival of Unschooled Life, due November 30th. But in the meantime, just go enjoy this one.

Also, at one of my new favorite blogs, The Informed Parent, this week's Carnival of Homeschooling is up. The Informed Parent always has interesting videos (think TED Conference) and links; I wish I could figure out why Blogger won't update it in my blogroll! One of those irritating things that I might someday figure out the answer to.

Hope you enjoy these Carnivals!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention, my friend, and thanks for informing me of the Informed Parent. : ) Susan

Firefly mom said...

Thanks for posting both of these! Off to do some reading... :)

Rana said...

Thanks for sharing the Informed Parent carnival I have not heard of that one.


Jungle Mom said...

Thanks for the links!

Anonymous said...

Saw your post in the carnival the other day and it was all I could do not to raise my hand and wave it wildly going "hey, hey, I know her!!!!). Great post, btw!!