Monday, November 16, 2009

When Trash Becomes Treasure

We've been to this park quite a few times recently. But this was the first time that the sandbox got much use - because today, the kids had trash (from their lunches) with which to play! Here, some pics and video of what a little well-placed garbage can do to liven up a park day:

It's not that they made anything 'big.' I love these pics because of the children's expressions. They are smiling, thinking, working together, talking together.

Here are some videos, in which Luke and Owen extol the virtues of 'Sand Soda,' the drink which, evidently, makes you disintegrate into sand:

The boys insisted on bringing home their Sand Soda (it's out in the outdoor toy bin, I drew the line at allowing sand in old soda bottles into the house) - which just goes to show you how valuable trash can be. Even when the play is done, when it's okay to throw it away, they won't part with it! They found treasure today, indeed.

PS - Did you read my last post, the one about bullying, and find it somewhat harsh? Not quite what you expect from the otherwise gentle, mild-mannered Karen you have come to know and love? Well, when I re-read it, I thought the same thing - so I added in a sort of mea culpa at the beginning. Here's the post again if you would like another gander.


Anonymous said...

Is there ANYTHING better than kids playing in a sandbox together?? These shots are priceless. Each one made me want to be six again and smushing the sand down deep into that Pringles container. So fun!! Thanks for sharing...

Susan said...

I love Luke and Owen's commercials! "Oh no, it's junk!" They remind me of a Vacuum ad I saw in my childhood. "We're here at this fine French restaurant where we've replaced the coffee with sand and ground-up clam shells. Let's see what happens." (Lots of sand spitting and vacuuming).

That's a day to treasure. :)

Magic and Mayhem said...

Isn't it wonderful how children can have such fun with such benign objects?! Whenever I see an ad for some fabulous looking, handmade, all natural, creativity building toy for children I start to feel tempted and then remind myself that my kids would probably happily create the same thing with pieces of cardboard, rocks, yogurt lids or acorns. :)

Looks like a wonderful day!

And I didn't think you were harsh in the bully post. The kids were mean, you were mad. Fair enough! LOL I'll go check out the new revised edition though!

The Stone Age Techie said...

Topsy - I actually thought about digging with them, until I remembered the camera!

Susan - I remember those commercials too! Saturday Night Live did one in which they replaced blood platelets or something in a hospital room with Folgers coffee, I never laughed so hard! (Except for 'Mel Gibson, Dream Gynecologist.' THAT was the best SNL ever.)

Alicia - Hubby and I would do well to remember this lesson, we just started thinking about What Santa May Bring :-)
And, thanks for your support about the bully post! My bloggy friends are making me feel better about that situation, I have to say. One more reason to love the blogosphere...