Monday, May 19, 2008

The Front Yard

We here at The Stone Age Techie have been outside, working in the garden, for many days now. And, it seems, we're finally making some progress!

In addition to the woven fence, we now have transplanted dayliies, phlox, foxgloves, groundcover with cute little pink flowers, forsythia, euonymous... should I go on?

But before all (or most, anyway) of that could happen, we had to get the hard elements in. So, the kids and I spent the week doing the path:

And, here is a picture of a very proud Luke:

He and his brother were instumental in the making of this path - although, perhaps less for their strong backs than for their high enthusiasm for the project!

It does my heart good to see and hear them, zipping around on the paths that we worked so hard on.

More photos as they become available...

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