Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I saw a t-shirt on a little kid today, with the following phrase:

"All my best ideas get me into trouble!"

My first inclination was to laugh, but then I started thinking; is it really so funny? It bothered me; it left that kid looking somehow evil, because of the phrase on his shirt.

Friends of ours, who have a daughter with a very lovable but also, shall we say, whirlwind-like countenance, had a great t-shirt for her, when she was a toddler. It had a picture of the Double Black Diamond symbol - used in skiing to mean "You may as well throw yourself down here head first, there's no way to get to the bottom without breaking your neck anyway" - and the simple phrase, "Most Difficult".

I always liked this shirt, because while it is funny, it also somehow embraces the challenge of raising a high-spirited child - lots of skiiers, myself included, love the Double Black Diamonds.

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