Thursday, May 29, 2008

Poke York

Down the street from us, neighbors have built a city for their Pokemon key chains, called Poke York.

It is really, really cool.

Poke York has taken over the whole garage; in this picture, you can see the Rock Shop (in case the Pokemon want to buy rocks - one has lined her swimming pool with them), the Library, and some of the roads and homes.

The rocks come from a quarry close by:

Here's a close-up of some homes:

Here's Luke's -

Poke York has grown from one shoebox in the house, to this huge city out in the garage - urban sprawl has become an issue. So, the resident Pokemon are moving to houses that are higher, with more stories, but a smaller footprint in the garage. The Pokemon have had to learn how to conserve their resources, manage their stores and businesses for sustainability, and control the sprawl.

The Pokemon owners are ages 7-9... if they can clean up Poke York, it will give me hope that we can clean up our corner of the world!

Note: The Stone Age Techie will be taking a long weekend -we've got company! Also, we're out growing things in the garden, which has put me in the mindset of sustainable agriculture; next week will be CSA week here at the Stone Age Techie.

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