Monday, July 21, 2008

Blueberries, Blueberries, Blueberries!

For blueberries, we go to this amazing, indescribable place not far from home.

They provide ancient-looking coffee cans strung on plastic wire; pricing is simple - 1 full coffee can = 4 pounds = 8 dollars.

It is awesome. Owen acts like the bear from Blueberries for Sal, standing at a bush, munching and gulping. The first time we ever went, I offered to buy an extra pound of berries due to my youngest's nibbling. The farmer's response was to wave my money away, saying "nonsense, everybody eats."

As you stand among the bushes, you don't see anyone else (even the people you're there with - you have to call out every once in awhile to the kids), but here and there you can hear voices of other pickers. I love that, on any given day, you'll hear Polish, Indian, Chinese, Spanish. All kinds of people who really care about good, fresh food come here.

Best of all, you leave with 9 pounds of berries, picked in an hour and a half. And then you get to turn it into pies, and muffins, and pancakes...

And jam.

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