Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Coffee Junkie

Two days I've been without coffee, and it's killing me.

I'm a special kind of coffee junkie though, because I have this thing about my coffee being Fair Trade and Organic, which means that I need a fourth job in order to support my habit (my first three jobs, mother/home educator, writer, and fitness instructor, are insufficiently lucrative for this purpose.) And the coffee really must be Fair Trade and Organic, otherwise I feel so darned guilty about drinking it that I can't enjoy it.

This week, as our coffee started getting down toward the bottom of the can, I thought to myself, 'I can give it up - I don't need coffee to get through my day.' And here we are two days later, and I'm online looking for coffee again - I've decided that when we're really, really low-down and destitute, then I'll stop drinking coffee.

Wanna hear the punchline to all this? I can only drink decaf.

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