Friday, July 11, 2008

Oregon Highlights

One huge temptation when blogging, I've found, is to put in every detail of every event, with many, many pictures. But I do my best to avoid this so I don't come off like a senior citizen with a bumper sticker on her car that says, 'Let Me Tell You about My Grandchildren' - thereby alienating you, poor, dear reader.

But, we had such a good time in Oregon! So of the literally hundreds of pictures we took, I'm going to select a few and post them to convince anyone who hasn't visited to do it. Soon.

From the coast-

Here we all are, in a picture taken by a total cutie Canadian photographer who happened to be visiting Ecola state park too.

My husband's whole family, all together; it was a blast.

Alas, I cannot take credit for that last one, Ben took it. Isn't it incredible?

We went to a place called Shipwreck Beach, so named for obvious reasons:

It was one of the coolest places I've ever seen.

Somebody built this lean-to, and it was the perfect spot for sparking the imagination of two young boys.

We spent time around two rivers, the Willamette and the Columbia:

Here's Maltnomah Falls, in the Columbia River Gorge:

We also took a ride up to Mount Hood, which looks to me like the mountain that Smaug the dragon must have lived in in The Hobbit. We got close to the snowy peak, then went fishing in Trillim Lake. Sooo cool!

Although the lake is called Trillium, and I did snag a few pictures of that lovely flower there, the one that took my breath away was this one, which looks like Indian Paintbrush to me. Isn't it beautiful?

Here were some spots we visited that made the kid everyone go, "wheee!":

This playground is at the Air Museum, although because of a much-needed Mommy break, I didn't see it firsthand.

If you do nothing else in Portland, go to the Turbine Room at the OMSI (science museum). It was awesome!

Here's Luke, bouldering with his Auntie.

Finally, the International Rose Test Gardens, which was mind-blowing:

Thanks to Dan, Melanie, Ralph and Stella for a great trip - we hope to be back there soon!

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