Sunday, October 12, 2008

Barack Obama for President

Time for The Stone Age Techie's coveted presidential endorsement - (drum roll, please...)

We endorse Barack Obama, for several reasons.

From Fall Blog

#1 His message for change starting with helping out the average person is the antithesis of conservative, trickle-down-style economics. Also, we much prefer his cheerful, can-do attitude about how to fix this country to the scare tactics so frequently pushed by the other side.

#2 He's a steady, well-reasoned person who can handle the fast-paced, mutitasking job as Leader of the Free World. His attitude about the U.S. in relation to the world is more 'let's work together' and less 'be afraid, be very afraid' - we like that.

From Fall Blog

#3 Obama will do more to move our country away from fossil fuels than the other guy. This is quite possibly the most important job our next president will tackle, and it's got to be done right. The energy issue encompasses our economy, national security, and foreign policy concerns, and we believe that Obama is the right person to solve this problem.

#4 The other side wants us to worry about "who Obama is," wants us to belive that he's "too risky," both thinly veiled racist jabs. We here at The Stone Age Techie feel more of an affinity with Obama than we could ever feel for the other guy's VP pick; we believe that she is far, far riskier than Barack Obama. That the other guy chose her at all shows a distinct lack of judgement on his part.

The bottom line is, Obama's ethnicity doesn't matter; he's calm in a crisis, fights for what he believes in, shares many of our beliefs here at the Stone Age Techie, and will move this country in the right direction.

From Fall Blog

He's the right man for the job.

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