Thursday, October 16, 2008

Leave Everything In the Road

We donated to the Obama campaign last night after the debate.

Obama was appealing, calm, engaging, smart. He showed all the qualities a president needs; in the face of McCain's often petty accusations, endless smirking, and right-wing talking points, Obama showed himself to be the better choice by far.

During Schieffer's negativity question, when McCain said how 'categorically' proud he is of all the people at his rallies (even the ones who shout 'terrorist' and 'kill him'?...), Ben said, "I've lost all respect for McCain." Strong words coming from my man, who strives always to see both sides of an issue.

So, when the debate was done I read a post on DailyKos about how, if we don't give till it hurts (in biker parlance, "leaving everything in the road") and then Obama loses, it will be our fault because we didn't do everything in our power to help.

We didn't give much money - we can't - but we at least gave something. Between that and our sign, and whatever else we do in these next 3 weeks that's free but still important, like talking about Obama and why he should be president, or Luke and Owen becoming Kids for Obama, we want to be able to say we've put in our all.

We want to be able to say that we left everything in the road: that's how important this election is to our family.

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