Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bean Bag Math

We are making the most of these wonderful, crisp fall days.

Thanks to The Siblings' Busy Book, we're enjoying the out-of-doors and doing some math work as well, with our variation on bean bags.

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We agreed to work together cooperatively towards a really high score. Luke chose how many points we'd get for getting in the bin (40), for touching the outside of the bin (30), and for any bean bag landing within 1 foot (20), or 2 feet (10), of the bin.

From Fall Blog

We played 6 rounds, between the three of us scoring 350 points - pretty impressive, we thought!

The beauty of this game was, Luke kept thinking about different scoring combinations long after we finished playing. Because of the numbers he'd chosen, we were counting by tens, and thinking in terms of mathematics, all afternoon.

Finally, I love activities such as this one because there's a way for all of us to be involved; here's Owen "keeping score:"

From Fall Blog

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