Monday, October 27, 2008

Sun Catcher

We went on a fall trip with Grandma and Grandpa this weekend, meaning I went cold turkey - completely! - on my computer usage. I was kind of dreading not being plugged in for 4 whole days, but actually it was a nice break.

And now I'm back, but with a bit more perspective on the Internet. Meaning, I don't stay up until 1AM on the computer, get 5 hours' sleep, then spend the next day griping at my children and husband about every little thing... now, that only happens every other night.

We found a roll of contact paper a few weeks ago, and oh my has it been fun! We've made an Elect Obama sign, a Giant Die, and most recently:

From Fall Blog

Yes, a suncatcher. Possibly the easiest way to bring nature into your home; just go choose some fall-y type leaves, flowers, seedheads, etc., place them onto the sticky side of some clear contact paper, and then cover with the sticky side of another piece of clear contact paper. We tried sealing the yarn hanger into the contact paper, but it slid out, so we got out the stapler and used that instead.

And now, it really feels like fall - my favorite season. Ahhhhh.

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