Friday, April 4, 2008

Bathroom Demolition Superlatives

Favorite Tool:

The cat's paw, for pulling out nails and busted trim - this tool takes out a lot of the frustration because it gets into tighter spots than a crowbar or hammer.

Favorite Music:

U2 - Especially from War, Joshua Tree, and other older albums.

Jerry Garcia's Lonesome Prison Blues

Lou Reed's New York - loud, angry, good for demolition!

Weirdest Find:

Hundreds of old-fashioned razor blades, in the walls behind the demolished vanity.

Evidence of Potentially Dangerous Results of Past Homeowners' Stupidity:

Melted wiring from an old fire in the lights above the vanity - lights that we've been using!


David Lock said...

I've read that some hotels used to have a slot in the wall for disposing of those old razor blades. Most of them did just send the blades down into the walls; there was no blade-disposal system in those heady pre-earth-day days.

So, while I think it's a bit strange that your house would seem to have had such a disposal slot, that's my best guess for how they got there.

Karen said...

How weird! A YMCA friend said the same thing; it's so interesting to think of somebody who used to live in my house, shaving before going off to work in the morning and putting the blades into the wall so that we'd find them years later...