Wednesday, April 2, 2008

True Insanity

Hello, this is Robbin Sneach with "Lifestyles of the Exhausted and Overwhelmed!"

Meet Karen...

And Ben!

Their bathroom - their one bathroom - looked quite normal, perhaps badly appointed but still passable.

Unfortunately, over many years water got in behind the walls and brought along its crazy pals mold and mildew - so our lucky homeowners are about to take on a redo!

This morning, Karen took the kiddies to Grandma's house, while Ben got out his trusty tools, and began demolishing the bathroom. Did I mention that our happy homeowners have only one bathroom? Here's what it looked like when Karen got home from dropping the kids off:

Watch over the next few weeks to see their story unfold; as the sun sets on day 1 of the project, the bathroom is down to the studs except for the ceiling drywall and the toilet - rumor has it that New England might see weather in the teens tonight, so no peeps outside for these two!

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