Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Saga Continues

Yesterday, I wrote about Luke's obsession with new Star Wars stuff, and how what's at home doesn't really count when faced with a birthday party's worth of new, especially when your birthday is many months off.

Above, a sampling of the Star Wars stuff we have... to see more, look at yesterday's post, Toy Envy.

Today, though, brings a happy ending to the saga; one of our favorite stores re-opened today after taking the winter off - and they have miles and miles of penny candy! Actually, it isn't really "penny candy" anymore, now what you get is dollar candy; still, Luke's $4, painstakingly earned through such demeaning chores as laundry-folding and floor-sweeping, went pretty far.

So he felt like a king, what with his choice of good stuff that he could afford. Also, adding up how much loot he could buy with the money he had took math skills, like addition and estimation - a nice bonus. Best of all, from my perspective, Luke felt gregarious enough to share some candy with Owen! Joy.

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