Monday, April 7, 2008

Setbacks and Kindnesses

We've had some irritating setbacks, most notably that the tub surround we chose, rented a truck to buy, and got home a week ago had a crack in it. Yesterday we arranged with very kind relations to use their truck (and their plumbing expertise - our lack of was another setback) to get a replacement, and Ben spent a frustrating four hours fitting it into place.

I thought that we'd just open up the surround box and drop the pieces into place, perhaps while sipping a tropical drink; I was wrong. Really wrong.

But still we persevere - as the sun sets on our project tonight, we'll have the surround finished, the electrical all done, the plumbing mostly done, and more than half the drywall up.

See that teeny, tiny piece of ceiling drywall, in the middle of the picture up there? I put that one up all by myself - meaning, I measured, scored, snapped, and screwed it in, with no one's help at all! As a woman who can do a lot in her own sphere but hasn't spent much time using tools of any kind, I am proud of myself.

As for kindnesses, we have had more than our fair share. My husband's mom put aside whatever activities a free and easy retiree would normally do to care for Luke and Owen. When friends found out we would be many days, if not weeks, without a shower in our bathroom, several offered their own. In fact, over the weekend we used the shower of our dear friends Debbie and Bob, while they were away getting engaged!

The most surprising offer was from neighbors on our street. We've met them in passing during our two years here, and wave whenever we're out in the yard, but we don't know them well at all. Anyway, after chatting over our dumpster yesterday morning, they brought a key to us and said, "please feel free to use our bathroom during the week, we'll both be at work all day and you can have a hot shower whenever you want."

So, we're two days behind and feeling somewhat panicky about that. But we're also blessed by the kindness of friends, relatives - and strangers.

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