Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fate, or Serendipity, or Luck, or Something

This morning, Owen woke me with, "Mom, police officers are bad. I will take my toy lightsaber and fight them!"

No idea where this came from, but I spent the better part of breakfast helping him understand that police officers - at least, most police officers - are good, they help you when you're lost, they catch the bad guys, keep the peace, etc.

So I felt very lucky when, early this afternoon, a neighbor that we haven't seen all winter stopped by: a police officer. Coming off-duty. In his uniform! He spent half an hour shooting the breeze, letting both Owen and Luke check out the baton, handcuffs, radio, uniform, and cheerfully answered all their questions. It was awesome!

Let me say, I felt lucky, but not really surprised. I don't know if this happens in others' lives, but often times in mine exactly the right thing comes along, at exactly the right time. This has happened with things big and small, from the house we live in, to the flowers Owen and I just planted out front, to finding our CSA farm; even to meeting Ben.

It is a nice feeling, when things work out. Maybe not exactly as you pictured them, but as they ought to be.

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